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Seasonal Donuts at Cartem’s Donuterie

I had some donut cravings lately and thought of Cartem’s! I think they’re my fave donut place now and next would be Tim Horton’s since it’s cheap and convenient and they’re really opposite ends of the donut spectrum haha I can appreciate most donuts though!

Cartem's Donuterie

First we have the Candy Cane donut. This was my least favourite since it felt dry which is rare for them and the flavour was a bit artificial for me.

Cartem's Donuterie

Next we have the Campfire Donut! Those marshmallows are beautifully toasted and soft! It was just visually intriguing so I had to get it. The donut part was a rich chocolate cake base and it was perfect for my sweet tooth.

Cartem's Donuterie

Finally we have the Eggnog Stuffie! It looks very Christmas-y with the red and green sprinkles on top! Inside the soft, fluffy donut is an eggnog flavoured cream. I actually haven’t had much eggnog before so I can’t really say…but it didn’t seem very strong? The Earl Grey stuffie still holds a special place in my heart though ;)

I love how they always come up with new flavours! They also have a gingerbread donut and an After Eight flavour too. I could eat these everyday… DONUTS FOR LIFE.

Cartems Donuterie on Urbanspoon

Sugarholic Cafe: Waffles and Toast Boxes

My friends and I spotted the newly opened Sugarholic Cafe in Aberdeen on the main floor near the fountain. It’s in that corner where a few other cafes have opened but none have survived. The waitress said that they have been open for almost a month now. The interior looks like a cutesy elegant high tea place and the ambiance seemed promising except that it was pretty quiet when we went around 8:30pm. Well ok I think they were quiet the whole night since I walked by earlier and peeked in…

Sugarholic Cafe

They have a small dinner menu and also a section of waffles and toast/toast boxes which we decided to indulge in.

Sugarholic Cafe

Doesn’t this look good? The menu had a lot of enticing dessert pictures! While ordering, they said there is a minimum charge of 1 item per person.

Sugarholic Cafe

This was the Cranberry Grenadine tea and it is refillable. They only provided two cups to go with it and when we asked for two more cups they said that they can’t give us more cups…??? This is a weird policy and it has never happened to me before… Also, we had already fulfilled their miminum charge so what’s the harm in giving us more cups?

The tea tasted fruity and slightly tart from the cranberry flavour.

Sugarholic Cafe

I also ordered a Matcha Slush and the portion was really big! Unfortunately despite how impressive it looks, it tasted bland and unsweetened to me but you could taste the matcha flavour at first. Maybe some people will like it unsweetened though? Halfway through the drink it just tasted really icy and watered down… =(

Sugarholic Cafe

We also tried the Black Tea Latte which just ended up tasting a lot like milk tea and of course milk tea is made with black tea but we were just expecting something else based on their description.

Sugarholic Cafe

Next we tried the Waffles with Chocolate and Banana. It came with about half a banana on the side with some chocolate ice cream and some whipped cream served on a sweet cookie. The custard seemed to be banana flavoured as well. The waffle looked like your regular American style waffle but it tasted like bubble waffle which we were not expecting! It had the same egg-y flavour and slight chewiness to it. I can’t quite decide if I like it since I wouldn’t usually be eating bubble waffle with ice cream so it was a bit weird but not necessarily bad if you know what I mean.The price could’ve been cheaper though. It was more expensive than Nero’s! Except I can’t really compare the two…

Sugarholic CafeWe also shared a Strawberry Lover Honey Toast. It was served with strawberry ice cream, strawberries, blueberries and more banana flavoured custard on the edges. The server also offered to help us cut it but really she only cut one side like below.

Sugarholic Cafe

On the inside are layers of fluffy honey-coated bread sticks which tasted good with the ice cream and there were indeed a lot of strawberries. Carbs for days! I actually have only tried 1 other toast box before and it was from Soho Tea Room and it seemed a bit bigger than this one but this one was presented better. The Soho one was cheaper though. I should really go check out What8ver Cafe sometime.

The servers are probably new and since it was slow they were looking at their phones sometimes. One of the servers also checked to see if we liked the food which was nice and we gave her some feedback.

The food was average and I think people would only come here out of convenience if they’re shopping in the mall. It could be a nice place to chat and catch up with friends but I’m not sure if they’ll survive in this spot either since the rent is really high in Aberdeen. Hopefully their entrée items are better?

Sugarholic Café on Urbanspoon

FREE Dark Chocolate Dream Latte Coupon!

Thought I’d just quickly share this!

Free any size dark chocolate dream latte after 2pm at Tim Hortons (participating locations) if you didn’t know already! :) Haven’t tried it yet! Coupon below!


Free dark chocolate dream latte

Tuc Craft Kitchen Brunch

My friend and I ended up at Tuc Craft Kitchen for brunch after trying to watch the Santa Claus parade. We didn’t go early enough so we were stuck at the back and couldn’t really see anything. Then we just decided to go for brunch instead. Tuc Craft Kitchen wasn’t my first choice for brunch but they ended up being the only place without a line up and we didn’t want to wait.

Tuc Craft Kitchen Brunch

This was the Lamb and Eggs which consisted of two sunny side up eggs, braised lamb shoulder, arugula, parsnips, cranberries and potatoes was served on a hot skillet. I just had a bite of this and the lamb was succulent, well braised in small pieces and very tender. The dish was on the small side though but it reflected the price ($13).

Tuc Craft Kitchen Brunch

I had another waffle craving so I went with the Berries & Gaufres (I assume this means waffles?). Two warm American style waffles were presented with plenty of blueberry compote and sweet cream cheese. Syrup was also available on the side but I didn’t need it. The blueberry compote was enough to sweeten the waffles but it did not taste overly syrupy and artificial. I would have preferred the waffles to be more crisp on the outside.

The menu items were not particularly exciting but it gets the job done. Maybe it was just because my waffles weren’t that exciting and chicken and waffles would’ve been better? I prefer brunch at Catch 122 around the corner though.

Tuc Craft Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Pho Thai Son-Broadway

Pho Thai Son has been around for quite a while now but I’ve actually never visited their Broadway location before. It is located right across from Kingsgate Mall. This location was quite busy during lunch time and service was quick!

Pho Thai Son

This was the Small Pho with Rare Beef and Beef Balls. The dish arrived about 3 mins after we ordered it! I guess everything was prepared already… It did not taste like there was too much msg and there was a decent amount of beef. Also it was only $6.55!

Pho Thai Son

We also shared some Shrimp Salad Rolls. There was also some pork in this too and this was a pretty good version. Peanut sauce and fish sauce was provided on the side for dipping.

Pho Thai Son

Lastly we shared the Lemongrass Chicken with Egg. The portion was really big and the chicken was tender and flavourful. There was also plenty of rice too so you will be full for sure.

Good food and CHEAP. It also made the “fastest lunch I’ve ever had” list.

Thai Son Restaurant 泰山越南牛肉粉 on Urbanspoon

Cafe Medina: Where have you been all my life?!

On another spontaneous work lunch outing, we decided to go to Cafe Medina! I’ve never been but I’ve certainly heard a lot about them. They have rave reviews! Also, long line ups but hey that’s how you know the food is good right? Thankfully it was a weekday and there was no line up at 1:30pm. Hurray (I hate line ups)! They are located on Richards and Robson Street now.

Cafe Medina

One of the items you must try is their lattes. They have some interesting flavours like lavender, salted caramel and raspberry caramel. We decided to share the Raspberry Caramel Latte. I am not a coffee aficionado (really I go to Starbucks/Blenz  if I do get coffee…) but I could tell this was a superbly well-made latte! It was velvety in texture with hints of raspberry and caramel. I believe it is the smoothest latte I’ve ever had and I was nothing but impressed.

Cafe Medina Brunch

Another popular item on the menu is the Fricassee which comes with two fried eggs, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, carmelized onions, applewood smoked cheddar and grilled focaccia. Instead of fried eggs we opted for poached eggs and they ask if you would like it soft, medium or hard. We went with medium.

The short ribs were tender and the rich tomato based sauce did not cover up the flavours of the short ribs. The carmelized onions were sweet and the potatoes made this dish hearty and filling. Presentation was also really nice!

Cafe Medina Brunch

We also shared the Eggs of the Day (Ouef)! The special was for a frittata with double smoked bacon, squash, greens, roasted potatoes and onion jam. Grilled focaccia was also served on the side. This was one of the best egg dishes I’ve ever had! I never thought I would like eggs this much. Ok maybe I’ve never ordered a frittata before but it was amazing! The eggs were piping hot and fluffy. Each bite was very flavourful! Also really liked the acidity from the onion jam! I’m not even sure what onion jam is but it was yummy! I didn’t find any squash in the frittata as advertised… but that’s ok!

Cafe Medina Brunch

At this point we were pretty full but we couldn’t help indulging in their famous waffles while we were there! The waffle was crisp and fluffy and somewhat chewy too. This waffle was a WIN. We picked the White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater dip to go with it and it was good! Too bad I was too full or I’d get another waffle so I could use up all the dip! The dip had just a slight floral after taste from the rosewater but I didn’t pick up any of the pistachio though. Mostly it was sweet from the white chocolate. This totally satisfied my waffle cravings.

This might be my new fave brunch place! Everything was really good and I enjoyed the latte and frittata more than I expected. On the other hand, I am not sure I would wait over an hour for this… I’m biased because I hate waiting but there are probably similar entree options elsewhere without the wait (E.g. there is a similar short rib dish at Chewie’s) but it would be a nice place to take someone from out of town or on a dates. You should try it at least once!

Café Medina on Urbanspoon

Jang Mo Jib-Robson

On Black Friday, instead of shopping, my co-workers and I decided to drive downtown for lunch… needless to say, it was a bad idea. It took us forever to get there! We were originally going to Sura for their lunch special ($15/20 per set) but it was super busy so we went across to Jang Mo Jib instead. They used to be one block down on Robson before but now they have a new bigger location.

Jang Mo Jib

This was the tofu soup with soy bean paste. I’m not really an expert on tofu soup but it seemed like it had a lot of tofu and veggies but more beef would’ve been nice. It’s quite spicy so it will warm you right up! I think we chose medium for the spiciness. This came with a side of rice.

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