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Hamburger $2.85

Hamburger 2.85 has been getting a lot of press lately and I really wasn’t that interested in a hamburger but the price point was so low that it propelled me to try it. They’re located on the corner of Pender and Granville.

Hamburger 2.85

They only serve a hamburger or a hamburger with cheese (+$0.50).

Hamburger 2.85

The hamburger comes to $3 with tax. It looked exactly like the picture that they’re advertising! That’s pretty rare (cough squished McDonald’s burgers cough). The hamburger tasted like something I could put together in a backyard BBQ. The size was pretty good for me and the patty was alright, not dry and it had that slightly charred flavour. The addition of the teriyaki sauce was what gave the burger more flavour.  The burger is really simple and pretty decent. I think with this price, no one can really complain about it since all the other food trucks serve food around $8-10. Not sure if I would come back though because it just didn’t feel special or out of the world tasty.

They’re open on Saturdays and I went in the afternoon so there was no crazy line up. I don’t think I would line up for this.

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar=Waffle Heaven

I finally made it to Nero Belgian Waffle Bar!!! FINALLY. Nero is quite tiny inside but we went early at around 6pm before it started to get busy so we didn’t have to wait for a table. Yay! My friend and I decided to share one waffle.

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

We decided on sharing The Biscuit which had vanilla ice cream whipped cream, Oreo cookie crumble and dark Belgian chocolate drizzled over it. You can choose to have a liege waffle or a Brussels waffle. The Brussels waffle is bigger and it can hold all the toppings better so we went with that. It was super delicious! I think this is what they call love at first bite <3 The waffle was crispy on the outside and warm, soft and fluffy on the inside. Mmm this is waffle heaven!!! You also can’t go wrong with ice cream, whipped cream, Oreo and chocolate! We should’ve ordered another waffle! My friend says her favourite is the Bresilienne which has hazelnut crumble and caramel sauce.

Be prepared for line ups during peak hours! They also serve a few savoury waffles as well as coffee and tea. The price ($8.90) is probably a bit steep for just dessert but I love dessert so I don’t mind. They do have a few options that are less pricey too. Maybe they should think about opening another store soon…


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Tea Sparrow Monthly Tea Box

I was sent a free tea box for review from Tea Sparrow. Tea Sparrow is a monthly tea subscription service and they will send you 4 different loose leaf teas in their monthly box. All teas are free of artificial ingredients.

Tea Sparrow

I think the company name is pretty cute!Tea Sparrow

There were two caffeinated teas (White Tea Champagne and Organic Masala Chai) and two herbal teas (Cacao Tea and Rooibos Du Hammam). There’s enough tea here for 35-40 cups. Each bag includes the ingredients of each tea and instructions on how to brew it.

I’m not much of a tea connoisseur but I did start drinking more tea last year. It’s like there was suddenly a tea craze going on and David’s Tea was popping up everywhere! I found the Cacao tea to be the most interesting since it is made from organic cacao bean shell. It smelled exactly like chocolate and the instructions advised to add milk and honey to it. I had no milk around but the honey enhanced the flavours and made me feel like I was drinking chocolate but … a watery version. Maybe it’ll be like hot chocolate with some milk in it!

Here’s how the subscription process works:

  • A One Time Tea Box - one Tea Box, one time ($25)
  • 3 Month Prepaid Subscription - three tea boxes over three months ($66)
  • 6 Month Prepaid Subscription - six tea boxes over six months ($120)
  • Ongoing subscription - here you can subscribe for ongoing tea boxes at $20 per month.  You can start/ pause/ stop this subscription at any time.

I found the 1/3/6 month options under the “buy for a friend” tab but you can just buy it for yourself and enter your own address. They ship for free to Canada and the USA. Tea Sparrow is offering all my readers 60% off their first tea box in an ongoing subscription (this does not work with a one time tea box or gifts for friends).

Promo Code: teas
I enjoyed all the teas I received. Thanks for sending me the box Tea Sparrow! For more information, please visit their website.

*Please note the teas were sent to me for free and all opinions are my own*

JJ’s Trucketeria

I was never particularly interested in trying JJ’s Trucketeria but amidst all the food truck’s at city hall, they seemed the most interesting. I guess it’s all relative. There’s a driveway and a park behind city hall so that was where some food trucks were hanging out one day. I would’ve never noticed them otherwise since it’s not too visible from the street.

JJ's Trucketeria

They serve Filipino fusion items and the item that caught my eye was the Filipino Pork Panwich. They also have a famous “Market Bowl” filled with brown rice and fresh vegetables.

JJ's Trucketeria

There was SO MUCH PORK!!! You can’t even see the bread!!! It’s not exactly a sandwich… it’s more like meat + bread. The bun is the pandesal which is a famous bun in the Philippines. The pork wasn’t that fatty but tender enough. It still retained some chew to it but it wasn’t dry or difficult to chew either. The pork was difficult to pick up with my plastic fork though and the pieces could be cut a bit smaller. Don’t want to risk dropping any of that delicious meat on the go! I can’t quite describe the type of bbq sauce they used though but it was an Asian flavour that seemed like something my mom has made before hmmm… They also offered me some sriracha sauce which I didn’t really need but I took it anyway. The bun part was not very impressive though and not when compared to the pork! The bun soaked up the oil and sauce from the pork though so it was still tasty.

This is a super filling meal for lunch and a great deal for $6.50 since they give you so much meat!

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La Chocolaterie: Smooth Creamy Chocolates

I was gifted with two boxes of chocolates from La Chocolaterie! They are located inside the Japanese market Izumiya. I’ve never been to their store though. I think they also set up booths at farmer’s markets and places like UBC since I’ve seen them there before.

La Chocolaterie


The boxes come with 9 pieces each. La Chocolaterie

This was Sakura flavoured. I’m not sure what it was exactly but it tasted a bit salty?

La Chocolaterie

This was the Green Tea flavor and there was a distinct green tea flavour in every piece. The chocolates taste very smooth and creamy. The texture is almost like those cheesecake cubes you add to your froyo from Qoola but less creamy and thick. They’re very light and not too sweet and they also have some other unique fruity flavours. The chocolates are really good but they’re a bit pricey since it’s $5 for a box.

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Aussie Pie Guy

Conveniently enough Aussie Pie Guy was parked near where I work and we all decided to get some pie! Yes it was pie day a few weeks ago but it turns out it was actually pie month ;) Okay fine we would’ve went anyway hahaha

All their pies are savoury except one which is the Sweetie Pie which is a smaller apple pie. I thought the pies would be a bit cheaper  but they’re $8 each. I was never much of a savoury pie person so we’ll see how these hold up.

Aussie Pie Guy

Aussie Pie Guy

I chose the Shane’s Pie which is their most popular pie. The crust on this was perfect. Inside it was stuffed with tender beef short rib, vegetables and potatoes. I actually did not end up with much potato or vegetables except at the end where it was stuck on this one side of the pie. I was expecting it to be more dispersed throughout the pie. The beef was really delicious accompanied by their apricot hoisin sauce. I couldn’t really tell it was hoisin sauce at first. The pie was not disappointing for $8.

My co worker tried the Kanga pie and don’t worry it’s actually stuffed with ground venison meat and not real ground kangaroo meat! This was also quite tasty. I guess for $8 these are in line with other food trucks and worth a try.

*EDIT* Matt from Aussie Pie Guy contacted me and said there is actually only kangaroo meat in the Kanga. Sorry about that! I must have hearing problems…

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Rain or Shine Ice Cream

After discovering Earnest Ice Cream and falling in love with it, I was excited to hear that they had some competition from the new Rain or Shine Ice Cream. They have the same concept of using fresh natural ingredients and interesting flavours. The store is also equally small.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

The wooden sticks they let you try the ice cream with have two sides so you can try two flavours at the same time and not waste a spoon!

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

After trying a bunch of flavours, I decided on the London Fog and the Coffee Toffee. I think the London Fog here had a slightly more pronounced flavour than at Earnest. The Coffee Toffee was infused with crunchy toffee bits and had a nice rich flavour. What I like about Rain or Shine Ice Cream is that you can get a “Single” scoop but with two flavours for $5 or a “Single” scoop with one flavour for $4.50. Since I’m super indecisive I’m glad I got to choose two flavours but the scoops were big enough to me that it actually felt like two scoops anyway so yay! Waffle cones cost another $1 though.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

My friend had a made a Sundae with Honey Lavender and Oatmeal Praline Rum Raisin topped with whipped cream, hot fudge and toffee brittle. You get to choose two scoops of ice cream, two toppings and then you get whipped cream and a cherry on top. Or you can choose from their two other sundae combinations available. The sundae looked about the same size as my single with two flavours though but with whipped cream.

If you’re in the W4th area and in need of some ice cream this is the place to go! It’s also a great location since there are so many restaurants and shops nearby. I went to Earnest on a Saturday night and the line ups were crazy long and way out the door… the line up here was much shorter! I’m sure they’ll get longer soon though! I would go again but I actually live a lot closer to Earnest and they’re about the same quality to me (except that I can get two flavours in a single!).

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