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Waffle Gone Wild

I had previously visited Waffle Gone Wild last year and it seems like their menu has expanded since then. They were also a lot busier so our waffles took half an hour to come… good thing I wasn’t in a hurry or hangry! It was still way too long though because I think they filled this to-go order before ours…

Waffle Gone Wild

They now offer some liege waffles with pie inspired flavours (lemon perfection, homestyle apple and cinnamon etc.) as well as “Be Wild” flavours which are the green tea waffle, the mint chocolate waffle and the Japanese mochi waffle. I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to just get a waffle instead of one of their waffle creations.

This was the Mint Chocolate Waffle served with a side of whipped cream and a dusting of powdered sugar. I had imagined a green mint flavoured waffle filled with chocolate chips but what I got instead was a liege waffle with some very green mint chocolate chips instead. The waffle was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. I did find the flavour of the mint chocolate chips to be a bit too artificially mint flavoured though. I should’ve stuck with the green tea one!

Waffle Gone Wild


This was the Japanese Okonomiyaki Waffle ($7.99) with imitation crab meat, seaweed, bonito flakes and an added poached egg ($1.50) and black forest ham ($1.50). There were also some slices of apple, cucumber and potato salad on the side. The poached egg was perfectly poached and this was a great choice for a savoury waffle due to the okonomiyaki sauce used and the combination of ingredients. However, I think that $1.50 to add a piece of ham was a bit overpriced. Since I’ve had it with the add-ons now,  I think it would be a bit plain without the poached egg …

The waffles are pretty good here and I would recommend it if you like waffles. Pricing is also not bad since some of the waffle creations start at $5.99 and they seem to have gotten more creative since my last visit. Presentation is also thoughtful.

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Tea Sparrow Tea-Off

Tea Sparrow is the world’s first monthly tea box and tea critiquing company and they will be having their first annual tea-off on Oct. 26th at the Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street, at the corner of 15th) from 11am-7pm.

You will be provided with your own tea cup and you can go on a sampling tour of 20 teas that have already been approved by Tea Sparrow members. After sampling all the teas, you can rate them on your own score card and all the teas will be available for purchase. At the end of the tour you can get more information about each tea and Tea Sparrow is also offering a 40% off membership discount! You will also have the chance to build your first tea box with any 4 of the teas at the event. In addition, there will also be speakers such as tea blenders, sommeliers and tea gurus who can discuss teas with you.

Discount tickets for this tea tasting event are available on Groupon, 2 for $5 or 4 for $10.

Read my review of their monthly tea box here.


Tropika used to be at Aberdeen mall but now they have moved to Lansdowne mall. The new location is where the California Cafe used to be. We actually tried to go to Yah Yah Ya Ramen first but they were closed on Mondays, then we tried to go to G-Men but they were also closed…hence we ended up at Tropika since I had read a post about it by Vancity Noms.

Surprisingly, the interior was super fancy and classy looking. It did not feel like you were eating at a Malaysian restaurant at all. We totally over ordered and the old lady beside us stared at us and she was like “wow you guys are big eaters eh?”… SO awkward… =S


My friend really wanted Hot and Sour soup so we got the only size which was a medium. We did not expect it to be this big. This was enough for like 4-5 individual bowls. The soup was not too thick and more on the sour side but wasn’t that good.


This was the Rendang Beef Curry with Roti Canai. You get a choice of chicken, beef or lamb curry but I think there was an extra charge for the lamb. I loved the flaky roti and the beef was very tender. The curry could’ve been spicier and creamier but it went well with the roti. I actually ordered this just for the roti since I was craving it and it was only $8.50 too. The portion of beef isn’t very big though but it’s about the same as Kaya Malay Bistro. I haven’t actually eaten that much roti before so I can’t say how good it is.


We also had the Rendang Lamb Curry with rice. This was served with a bit of salad on the side and some fried wonton skins. The lamb did have a slight gamey flavour though but the curry was the same as mine. This was $8.95 since there is slightly more food than my roti combo and it was on a different lunch menu so there was no “extra charge”?


Our other appy was the Shredded Pork in Sticky Rice. The rice was wrapped in banana leaves and it comes with 2 pieces.


There really wasn’t that much pork and this was really not worth it! The rice did have some flavour from the banana leaves though but you’re pretty much just eating sticky rice and it wasn’t special.

I think prices for lunch are pretty reasonable and the nice atmosphere inside really added to the experience even though we had some hits and misses. Dinner is probably more expensive though and I didn’t find anything bad about the service despite the negative reviews.

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Sushi Mura-Affordable Sushi

Sushi Mura opened in my neighbourhood and I’ve been there a few times already so that’s a pretty good sign. It seems like they’re open by the same people as Sushi Garden and the inside looks very similar too. Pricing is also really cheap! They always have long lines so be prepared to wait.

Sushi MuraSeaweed salad. Pretty standard and one of my fave salads so I enjoyed it.

Sushi MuraSalmon sashimi. The presentation could be much better but it tasted decent.

Sushi Mura

Prawn tempura. It came out nice and hot but too much battery. Also lacking in the presentation department but can’t really complain since it’s cheap and they were super busy.

Sushi Mura

The Unagi roll had too much rice but the Salmon Cream Cheese roll was ok. The smoked salmon on top was very thinly sliced though.

Sushi Mura

The Crazy Rabbit Roll! I actually didn’t read the description for this carefully and I didn’t realize that it was going to be wrapped in cucumber instead of rice. It was a nice surprise though and refreshing. My mom was like oh that looks interesting and I was like I don’t think that’s ours… oops. Turns out it was! The inside was filled with unagi, yam tempura, crab meat and cucumber and then sprinkled with tempura flakes. It was difficult to pick up though since it was so wide

Sushi Mura

The Awesome roll. One of my fave rolls, it had crab meat, cucumber, avocado and salmon on top.

Sushi MuraOkay this picture does not do the Volcano roll justice. It is actually really big and you must order it!!! It’s essentially deep fried spicy tuna and crab meat roll cut into10 long slices and then the middle of the plate is filled with your choice of spicy salmon sashimi or spicy tuna sashimi mixed with cucumber and then topped with tempura flakes. There is actually a lot of spicy salmon in the middle!

The prices here are pretty cheap but since they are so busy during peak hours, the quality goes down a bit and things don’t look that great but if you’re ok with that you should give this place a try! We don’t need to eat gourmet sushi everyday right?

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Moii Cafe

Moii Cafe is a cute crepe and bubble tea cafe on Cambie and Broadway. It was full of people studying or hanging out together. There was even a shelf of old Archie’s comics to read!

Moii Cafe

I love reading these while in line at the grocery store. It seems really chill in here and I was excited about my crepe because I’ve heard good things about Moii!

Moii Cafe

So I ordered a Dark Chocolate and Banana crepe and someone started making it for me. Then they somehow burnt it and ended up scrapping it.  It was so crispy that it cracked when they tried to fold it. Then someone else took over to make my crepe… however, that person decided to make another crepe and move the toppings on the second crepe over to a third crepe that they had started. This was really bizarre and it took forever for my crepe. =/ #notimpressed

Moii Cafe

The final product was garnished with some pocky sticks on top. The packaging was cute.

Moii Cafe

There was an ample amount of toppings but the crepe itself was still too crispy. I like my crepes more soft and chewy. Also, it was their third attempt at my crepe. >.> It wasn’t terrible but I did wait quite a while for this.

Moii Cafe Cambie on Urbanspoon

Manna Sushi

Manna Sushi opened on W2nd and Ontario a few months ago but I never got around to blogging about it. It is pretty much the only sushi place around besides Aqua Sushi and Juice Bar which focuses on healthy food and makes their sushi with brown rice. The inside of the restaurant was pretty spacious.

Manna SushiThis was a half order of the Salmon Sashimi (6pcs). It was fresh and they cut it in an interesting way that I can’t describe here but it’s like the ends were a bit thinner? Or they were trying to cheap out on us…

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Neptune Seafood Restaurant

For my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, we had a fancier dinner at Neptune Seafood Restaurant. I haven’t been here in a really long time like 5+ years. Since it was a special occasion, we went for one of their set menus. We chose one that was for 6 people when we only had 4 but it was a better deal. There was another set menu for 4 people that cost the same ($198) but with less food and they seemed quite similar too.

Neptune Seafood RestaurantSo I feel really guilty for this… but we had Shark Fin Soup. Dum dum dummm yes we had this prized Chinese delicacy. I’m quite impartial to shark fin soup since I don’t think the shark fin adds much to the soup in general. Also, there wasn’t even much shark fin.

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