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JJ’s Trucketeria

I was never particularly interested in trying JJ’s Trucketeria but amidst all the food truck’s at city hall, they seemed the most interesting. I guess it’s all relative. There’s a driveway and a park behind city hall so that was where some food trucks were hanging out one day. I would’ve never noticed them otherwise since it’s not too visible from the street.

JJ's Trucketeria

They serve Filipino fusion items and the item that caught my eye was the Filipino Pork Panwich. They also have a famous “Market Bowl” filled with brown rice and fresh vegetables.

JJ's Trucketeria

There was SO MUCH PORK!!! You can’t even see the bread!!! It’s not exactly a sandwich… it’s more like meat + bread. The bun is the pandesal which is a famous bun in the Philippines. The pork wasn’t that fatty but tender enough. It still retained some chew to it but it wasn’t dry or difficult to chew either. The pork was difficult to pick up with my plastic fork though and the pieces could be cut a bit smaller. Don’t want to risk dropping any of that delicious meat on the go! I can’t quite describe the type of bbq sauce they used though but it was an Asian flavour that seemed like something my mom has made before hmmm… They also offered me some sriracha sauce which I didn’t really need but I took it anyway. The bun part was not very impressive though and not when compared to the pork! The bun soaked up the oil and sauce from the pork though so it was still tasty.

This is a super filling meal for lunch and a great deal for $6.50 since they give you so much meat!

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La Chocolaterie: Smooth Creamy Chocolates

I was gifted with two boxes of chocolates from La Chocolaterie! They are located inside the Japanese market Izumiya. I’ve never been to their store though. I think they also set up booths at farmer’s markets and places like UBC since I’ve seen them there before.

La Chocolaterie


The boxes come with 9 pieces each. La Chocolaterie

This was Sakura flavoured. I’m not sure what it was exactly but it tasted a bit salty?

La Chocolaterie

This was the Green Tea flavor and there was a distinct green tea flavour in every piece. The chocolates taste very smooth and creamy. The texture is almost like those cheesecake cubes you add to your froyo from Qoola but less creamy and thick. They’re very light and not too sweet and they also have some other unique fruity flavours. The chocolates are really good but they’re a bit pricey since it’s $5 for a box.

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Aussie Pie Guy

Conveniently enough Aussie Pie Guy was parked near where I work and we all decided to get some pie! Yes it was pie day a few weeks ago but it turns out it was actually pie month ;) Okay fine we would’ve went anyway hahaha

All their pies are savoury except one which is the Sweetie Pie which is a smaller apple pie. I thought the pies would be a bit cheaper  but they’re $8 each. I was never much of a savoury pie person so we’ll see how these hold up.

Aussie Pie Guy

Aussie Pie Guy

I chose the Shane’s Pie which is their most popular pie. The crust on this was perfect. Inside it was stuffed with tender beef short rib, vegetables and potatoes. I actually did not end up with much potato or vegetables except at the end where it was stuck on this one side of the pie. I was expecting it to be more dispersed throughout the pie. The beef was really delicious accompanied by their apricot hoisin sauce. I couldn’t really tell it was hoisin sauce at first. The pie was not disappointing for $8.

My co worker tried the Kanga pie and don’t worry it’s actually stuffed with ground venison meat and not real ground kangaroo meat! This was also quite tasty. I guess for $8 these are in line with other food trucks and worth a try.

*EDIT* Matt from Aussie Pie Guy contacted me and said there is actually only kangaroo meat in the Kanga. Sorry about that! I must have hearing problems…

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Rain or Shine Ice Cream

After discovering Earnest Ice Cream and falling in love with it, I was excited to hear that they had some competition from the new Rain or Shine Ice Cream. They have the same concept of using fresh natural ingredients and interesting flavours. The store is also equally small.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

The wooden sticks they let you try the ice cream with have two sides so you can try two flavours at the same time and not waste a spoon!

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

After trying a bunch of flavours, I decided on the London Fog and the Coffee Toffee. I think the London Fog here had a slightly more pronounced flavour than at Earnest. The Coffee Toffee was infused with crunchy toffee bits and had a nice rich flavour. What I like about Rain or Shine Ice Cream is that you can get a “Single” scoop but with two flavours for $5 or a “Single” scoop with one flavour for $4.50. Since I’m super indecisive I’m glad I got to choose two flavours but the scoops were big enough to me that it actually felt like two scoops anyway so yay! Waffle cones cost another $1 though.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

My friend had a made a Sundae with Honey Lavender and Oatmeal Praline Rum Raisin topped with whipped cream, hot fudge and toffee brittle. You get to choose two scoops of ice cream, two toppings and then you get whipped cream and a cherry on top. Or you can choose from their two other sundae combinations available. The sundae looked about the same size as my single with two flavours though but with whipped cream.

If you’re in the W4th area and in need of some ice cream this is the place to go! It’s also a great location since there are so many restaurants and shops nearby. I went to Earnest on a Saturday night and the line ups were crazy long and way out the door… the line up here was much shorter! I’m sure they’ll get longer soon though! I would go again but I actually live a lot closer to Earnest and they’re about the same quality to me (except that I can get two flavours in a single!).

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Brunch at Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

I read some posts raving about the brunch at the new Chewies in Coal Harbour so I decide to visit the Kits location since it was the same brunch menu.

Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

I decided on the Braised Short Rib Hash with potato home fries, black eyed peas and two poached eggs. Sorry I should’ve taken a picture of the other side so you can see the short ribs. It turns out only one of my eggs was poached. The other one turned out to be more soft boiled instead. The short ribs were really tender and juicy. The potatoes were crispy on the outside and seasoned with Cajun spices. The black eyed peas were in a tomato and onion based sauce and everything tasted good mixed up! Our server also offered us hot sauce which I put on my eggs. This was a really good dish! It was also really filling from all the potatoes.

Chewies Steam and Oyster BarThis was the Southern Crab Cake Benny with avocado, Cajun Hollandaise Sauce and potato home fries. I tried a few bites of this and it was really good too! I think I liked it better than my dish. Or maybe I just like crab cakes and bennies. I thought the avocado was an interesting addition.

Definitely a solid brunch here! I also liked the atmosphere there, it just seemed really vibrant. I really want to come back for dinner now! Also I want to try their chicken and waffles and southern fried chicken! Yes I love me some fried chicken! Chewies lived up to the hype for sure!

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Pi Day at The Pie Shoppe

Last Friday was Pi Day as in 3.14! Of course this was a great reason to go eat some pie! We pre-ordered a Blueberry pie with cinnamon from The Pie Shoppe in Chinatown. All pies are 10″ ($20-30) or you can buy them by the slice.

The Pie ShoppeOn their website menu it says that it’s Blueberry with Cinnamon but on their store menu it says Blueberry with vanilla bean so I’m not sure which it was… I actually did not notice any cinnamon or vanilla bean though hahaha so maybe it was just blueberry??? Anyway there were actually whole blueberries inside and a lot of them!!! I was surprised that there were so many and it wasn’t overly sweet and tasted fresh. This is a good pie if you’re not into sweets and the crust was nice and buttery.

The Pie Shoppe

While we were picking up the pie, we also noticed a smaller Chocolate Pecan pie so I decided to split that with another friend. This was also gluten free and it was meant for two people. There was a lot of caramel/toffee like bits for the bottom layer of the pie and it got stuck to my teeth so that was inconvenient and it was a bit too sweet. Also the chocolate part was just a large dollop in the middle of the pie and I would’ve liked it better if the pecans were more dispersed in the pie.

The Pie ShoppeHere’s a cross-section (excuse my dirty plate and fork). It looked better than it tasted but overall it was alright. I just expected something different since I’ve made a chocolate pecan pie before.

I don’t eat a lot of pie but the pie here satisfied my pie cravings and the shop is super tiny and very easy to miss on Gore St. If you want to order a whole pie make sure you call ahead! The fruit pies are good choices. Check out their menu here.
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Zakkushi Lunch Sets

Zakkushi just started serving lunch Wed-Sun at their Main St. location. According to their website, they will be serving lunch everyday from May onwards.

Zakkushi LunchI got the Zakkushi set which seemed to be the best deal with 4 kinds of skewers (chicken, pork, garlic stub and seasonable vegetables), a daily appetizer which was marinated lotus root with sesame seeds, miso soup, 3 pieces of sashimi (salmon and tuna), and Soboro don (seasoned and minced chicken with egg on rice. I liked that there was so much variety in one lunch set. The stars of the set were the skewers and they were all good and well seasoned. I wish there was more! I’m not sure if I’ve eaten okra before so it tasted a bit weird to me. For the rice, I think it would’ve been nice if they used a poached egg instead of the shredded egg. Since each skewer costs around $2 I think this set was worth it.

Zakkushi LunchHere’s the Premium Combo with Kobe prime rib, chicken, pork and okra. Basically the only difference is the Kobe prime rib and it comes on it’s own little grill rack! Not sure why that’s necessary…?

Zakkushi Lunch

P-toro Don with poached egg, seaweed and green onion sauce. This looked pretty good too!

This place is pretty small so you should make a reservation if you have a large group. Also, all their desserts are $2.80 during lunch time! Check out their lunch menu here. You can also read my post on their dinner here.

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