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Beta 5: Best Ice Cream Sandwich!

As I was browsing Instagram, I saw a picture of a macaron ice cream sandwich and I was like whoaaa they have that?! Gotta get my hands on it! Thankfully it wasn’t that difficult because it was from Beta 5 and I happen to work nearby! They had 4 flavours available that day and it’s not listed anywhere soooo I don’t quite remember what the other ones were besides the one I got! Sorry! I think there was a Tahitian vanilla and a chocolate one?

Beta 5 Ice Cream Sandwich

Beta 5 Ice Cream Sandwich

I got the Raspberry and Jasmine Tea ice cream sandwich which sounded the most enticing. The ice cream was sandwiched between two lemon shortbread cookies and there was also a layer of raspberry jam inside. I was also surprised that it was so big!

Beta 5 Ice Cream Sandwich

The lemon cookie was crunchy when you bit into it and you get the nice tart flavour from the raspberry jam which I really liked. The jasmine tea flavour from the ice cream was more like an afterthought since the flavour was pretty mild. I was just really impressed with this ice cream sandwich!!! I know it might not look very impressive but I would totally go back for another one!!! It was also only $4.

Beat 5 Cream Puff

While we were there deciding on what we were getting, the server told us that they were actually making a few more flavours of the cream puffs and it would be a ten minute wait so we decided to wait for a cream puff too. We picked the Raspberry Earl Grey one. They only have one size for their box so even though we only got 1 cream puff they still gave us a huge box.

Beta 5 Cream Puff

The presentation was pretty cute! It was like the cream puff had a lid on it with some glaze and tea leaves? Under the crispy pastry shell lid was some whipped cream and then inside the bottom half there was some raspberry cream and in the centre was the earl grey cream. At first we couldn’t find the earl grey part since we didn’t get to it yet. However, after eating the ice cream sandwich first, I have to say that the cream puff kinda paled in comparison. But the cream puffs are still pretty good for a treat once in a while.

Try the ice cream sandwiches since they’re seasonal!!! :) I have yet to try their chocolates though; maybe I’ll try those next. Also need to try ice cream sandwiches from Earnest!

PS. Like my ice cream themed header? ;)

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Beard Papa’s

Beard Papa’s has been around for a while and I remember when they first opened in Aberdeen, they were all the rage! Then they expanded in Vancouver and opened stores everywhere! Their flavours range from chocolate to green tea and strawberry as well as other seasonal flavours. I was at Richmond Centre and noticed that they had Cookies N’ Cream as their new flavour so I thought I’d give it a try. They also serve eclairs and fondants and cheesecake sticks to name a few. Surprisingly, I haven’t blogged about them yet!

Beard Papa's

The pastry shells are pre-made already and all they have to do is fill it with cream once you have ordered. Then the top is sprinkled with some powdered sugar. They also have a cocoa version where the pastry shell is chocolate flavoured.

Beard Papa's

I thought that the pastry shell had no flavour and tasted kinda bland in contrast to the cold cream filling inside. The flavour of the filling was mild though and it was hard to pick up the cookie’s n’ creme flavour despite the noticeable cookie bits in the cream. Overall the cream puff tastes very light and they put quite a lot of filling in it! I don’t feel like they were as addictive as they once were though so probably my tastes have changed… *cough Beta5 cream puffs cough* It’s not bad for a snack at the mall once in a while though.

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Bob Likes Thai Food

I’ve been meaning to try Bob Likes Thai Food for while especially due to the funky name. Yes I’m a sucker for cool names. The restaurant was empty except for us at 1pm on a Friday afternoon and no Bob in sight of course. Bob is suppose to represent the average Joe who likes Thai food. We were about to find out if we were going to be a bunch of Bob’s that day.

Bob likes Thai Food Menu

All lunches are $9!

Bob Likes Thai Food

My friend ordered a Thai Iced Tea and it was served in this tall skinny glass. I’ve never tried Thai Iced Tea before so this was my first time. It was really good! It was comparable to HK style milk tea but a lot sweeter. The lady who served us said that they don’t use condensed milk in their version which is what is traditionally used I believe.

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Pronto Cafe

I’ve heard that Pronto Cafe also makes a porchetta sandwich similar to the one at Meat and Bread. Pronto is a small Italian cafe with limited seating but they have a nice outdoor patio at the back of the restaurant. They serve pasta, sandwiches and paninis .

So on my lunch visit to Pronto, I ended up not ordering the porchetta since I wasn’t thaaat hungry and the Proscuitto Panini also sounded appetizing so I settled for that instead.

Pronto Cafe Panini

This is made with sundried tomato mayo, sweet Fabri cherries, arugula and provolone cheese. I thought the panini was a bit on the small size since it was $8.50 but I guess the price is similar to Meat and Bread except I feel like Meat and Bread would be more worth it but I’m just biased. The panini was good with nice stringy cheese but I wish the proscuitto was more spread out in the sandwich rather than just being on one side of the panini. It was so packed in that when I bit into it I ended up pulling a lot of it out in one bite. The only other thing was that I had no idea what sweet Fabri cherries were before ordering. I thought it might be dried fruit? However, it had this really weird flavour like cherry medicine and I didn’t like it…

Pronto Cafe

My friend had the Gnocchi with Pesto and Pancetta. The gnocchi had a nice chewy texture that contrasted with the crisp pancetta. The creamy pesto sauce with the cheese brought everything together. They also have daily specials written on a chalkboard.

While the food was not bad, I’m not in a hurry to return anytime soon. Maaaaybe for the porchetta?

Pronto on Urbanspoon

New Dessert Shop: Crackle Creme

Crackle Creme just opened last month in Chinatown, or more like the outskirts of Chinatown on Union St. with a lovely view of the Georgia Viaduct and some very dead grass since it was super hot that week. This was the nicer side of Chinatown though! The interior is pretty small as expected and has a few bar style seats along the walls.

Crackle Creme Menu

The menu is written on a piece of glass at the front. Sorry it might be hard to read but there was an impressive variety of flavours! I had trouble deciding as usual… Unfortunately they were sold out of the Earl Grey and the Matcha already. The owner said that he was still trying to figure out what sells and what doesn’t. We went on Wednesday and he said that since they are not open on Monday and Tuesday he wasn’t at work to make more creme brule! He also let us try some of his home made Earl Grey ice cream. It was really hard and frozen from the freezer but the distinct Earl Grey flavour was there.

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Cafe de L’Orangerie

Cafe de L’Orangerie is in a small plaza on W73rd and Hudson. It’s right next to Penang Delight Cafe. They serve a lot of Japanese style spaghetti and other Japanese takes on other dishes.

Cafe de L'Orangerie

We shared this Beef Stew Poutine with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It comes in a small or large size and this was the small but it was still a pretty big portion to me. The beef stew was just minced beef with some small pieces of carrot and onion. The cheese was actually in slices under the sauce so a lot of it wasn’t melted yet when it was served but it did eventually melt more. The fries were exactly like Costco fries!!! I love Costco fries since they’re quite crispy but still soft so this was a win for me! I could probably eat this for my entree.

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New Ramen Joint: Ramen Koika

Vancouver has quite a few ramen restaurants now but there’s always room for more right? Ramen Koika has opened on Davie and Bute St. and they just had their grand opening last week. I went while they still had their soft opening special where every bowl was only $6 with tax included! What a steal!

Ramen KoikaThis was the Cheese Smile Ramen with a light miso flavoured broth, shredded pork, corn, bamboo shoots and mozzarella cheese. My friend also added a side of soft boiled egg. The broth did have a nice light flavour but I only had one sip so I’m not sure about how heavy it would taste after all the cheese!

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