In January I won a Twitter giveaway from Triple O’s for a free burger combo. Thankfully the nearest Triple O’s was at UBC. Except I had never tried their burgers before even though most of my classes are right next to it. Finally I got to use my free burger combo voucher last week. All of the combos are around $10 and I was deciding between the spicy buffalo chicken and the cheddar bacon burger but I ended up getting the cheddar bacon. Unfortunately I did not get to eat it right away since I had another appointment to attend so my burger got a bit soggy. Hence the unflattering pictures.

Triple O's friesI ate about four fries before I took the picture so it wasn’t exactly a lot to begin with but they satisfied my craving for fries. They were thick cut and very soft. Not bad but I prefer mine crispier.

Triple O's cheddar bacon burger Okay yes this is not a flattering picture and it’s a bit squished but it was still tasty nonetheless! There was more bacon than I expected too and it was a good size. It also came with lettuce, tomato, relish and Triple O sauce I think. There seemed to be a lot of sauce and the cheddar wasn’t very apparent.


Thank you Triple O’s! I enjoyed the meal overall but too bad I couldn’t eat the burger while it was still fresh. =( If you want a good deal, they have Triple O Tuesdays where their Original Burger is $3.33 so basically half price! It’s not a bad choice if you’re on campus but I think the Burger Bar at the Sub is probably a better deal if you’re on a budget.

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